Animal photography tips

August 20, 2014

Taking pictures of animals can be a very rewarding hobby or profession. Most people who are passionate about animal photography start doing is randomly without a purpose in mind. Along the road, they learn that this type of pictures are a lot harder to take than portraits, group pictures or landscapes. If you are interested in improving your animal photography skills, you will find the following tips to be very useful.

1. Wild animal pictures

When it comes to wild animal pictures, the rules of photography change drastically. Rather than creating the perfect pose, you have to chase every pose. A lot of times, random, spontaneous photos will capture incredible moments. Animals are not as expressive as humans, so one of the secrets of taking good animal photos is create a balance between the focus that you put on the animal and the focus that you put on the environment. The best animal pictures are the ones taken in natural environments where the animals can display their grandeur. When taken out of their natural environment, animals are humble and feel awkward, so pictures taken in such situations will turn out to be mediocre. Therefore, is you want to improve your animal photography skills, put on a pair of comfortable shoes and start chasing the perfect pose.

2. Pet pictures

Taking pictures of wild animals is different than taking pictures of pets. Of course, pets still have some wild instincts so they will not understand the concept of photography. However, trained pets can be a lot easier to work with. But what happens when you have a shy pet or an untrained pet? It such situations, it pays to know a few things about animal behavior. For example, if you are in the habit of taking dog pictures, you should do a little research on dog breeds. Each breed is different and knowing a few things about each breed can help you take great pictures of all dog breeds. You will discover that some breeds are more energetic and need to have their curiosity tickled in order to pay attention and stay still.

3. Good equipment

Whether you want to take pictures of all dog breeds or pictures of wild animals, you have to understand that animal photography requires more physical effort than other types of photography. As such, you will need quality equipment in order to take amazing photos. It is important to look for light cameras that allow you to move around freely. However, the cameras should also have innovative motion capturing features. If you will have to invest some good amount of money into quality equipment, don’t worry as you won’t regret such an investment because taking animal pictures is both fun and rewarding.

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