If you are planning on throwing a Halloween party this year, the photo booth is a great idea that will impress and entertain your guests. The photo booth is designed to reinforce the meaning of this festivity with the inspired decorations and details that create it. Also, it will allow you and all your friends to take great pictures that you will keep as memories of a wonderful Halloween party. Discover below some of the best Halloween photo booth ideas and choose to put in practice the one you like the most or the ones that match your Halloween costumes 2015 ideas.

    • Given that vampires are common characters on Halloween, you can’t go wrong with this Halloween photo booth idea resembling the coffin of a vampire. To create this scene, you will need a coffin-shaped piece of wood or hard cardboard that you will paint in black for an enhanced creepy look. Hang some light strings mixed with fake spider web above the coffin and place a spotlight at the bottom of the coffin so that when you will take the picture you will obtain a creepy light over your face. To make it a themed party, you can decorate your whole party area in a Gothic style and dress as a vampire yourself. Despite the fact that they are iconic characters, vampires will probably be part of the most popular Halloween costumes 2015 ideas.
    • This Gothic corner will be the perfect place for you and your friends to take pictures in at the Halloween party because it is dark, scary, and sprinkled with Halloween-inspired items. Place two large armchairs near a small table, cover the armchairs with black cloth and decorate the photo booth with spiders, withered flowers, bats, and candles. The photo booth is now ready to host all your friends and create wonderful Halloween memories.
    • These Halloween props are easy to make and very effective, not to mention how much fun you will have taking photos with them. All you will need is some cardboard, color pencils, skewer sticks and some drawing talent. Draw spiders, bats, mummies, skeletons, zombies, and pumpkins hat you will later use to take photos with. If you can’t draw, you can print and cut the shapes, then glue them to the sticks.
    • Invite your friends to a witch’s lair with this ingenious photo booth near the fireplace. To recreate the scene, you will need plenty of candles, some fake spider web, and giant spiders. You can also add the fireplace a cauldron just like the ones witches use, and you can arrange some spell ingredients like rats, snakes or roaches on the edge of the fireplace.
    • If you have old Halloween costumes from the past years, you can create a dressing room photo booth where your friends can use the disguises to create many Halloween looks. If you are good at makeup, you can also offer them a cool scary makeup to match the event.

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