Golf has been a sport preferred by many people, especially rich people who use to play golf at select clubs to discuss business and relax with partners and coworkers. First appeared in England, it has always been considered a gentlemen’s sport and it requires a calm and elegant posture.
Even if apparently golf is a sport easy to practice, it might take a while before you master it. The principle is simple:you must hit the ball with a club and put it in a hole. However, it requires precision, balance, concentration and a bit of skill. If you want to learn how to play golf, there are some ways to achieve it.

Raise your spirit with golf photo calendars

The moral is very important when you want to learn how to play golf. A golf calendar with tips about golf on each sheet is great to remind you of your goal. There are various types of calendars you can get for your office o bedroom, with photos of great golf players, amazing golf facts, photos of golf courses and golf tournaments. Each calendar can become a motivation for you and you can note there the days when you practice or the improvements you have made. There are also some calendars which feature golf equipment and gadgets such as the latest golf club models and rangefinders. Some calendars come from specific brands featuring best golf rangefinder models and reviews.

Practice is the essence of learning

Practice is the base of any activity, and golf skills can only be improved with a lot of exercising. First of all, you must find the best body position that will allow you to hit the ball correctly. Golf posture is important for an accurate and powerful ball strike and you must remember to keep your legs slightly spread and the knees bent. Keep your back straight as you tilt forwards and lower the club to hit the ball. The swing is essential for a good strike and you have to make sure you only swing the upper part of your body from the hips for the impact with the ball to be clean, the trajectory to be right and distance has to be chosen according to the putter or the club. Most players have a routine that consists in assessing the distance, choosing the club, having a sample shot or preswing and hit the ball.

Choose the right equipment

The club has an important role in the strike and you must choose the right one depending on the intensity of the strike needed or the distance to the hole. In order to avoid mistakes and to get better accuracy, you can use a golf rangefinder, which is a device that uses a lens and a laser to calculate the distance from the ball to the hole and helps you decide which club is more appropriate for the hit.

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